la gente

Sometimes I wonder if people ‘get it’. I include myself in this, but lately it’s more other people who don’t register. The ability to divine what’s going on, the ability to pick up on the EQ of others is no small task, but one is within reason to expect people around you to be switched on or at least care…

The ol’ noggin hurts lately and there is much consternation around every corner as my basis for reality continues to be redefined by surprise turns and twists of events.

In the words of a Mexican teenage sage, wise beyond his years and undetected by the masses:

la gente…

on politics of the hour

It’s been a while since my last post. Often there is a desire to write but no motivation to do so. Today, at 12:42am I have just enough motivation and time and energy to spend on a few thoughts.

It comes to mind that I often miss ‘important’ events- I’m not in country when seemingly eventful occasions happen, when the dynamic of the environment changes, when history is in the making. I read the news, digest and interpret the situation but never experience what those in the midst at the time experience.

I scroll through social media, reading what friends and family posts. I share similar feelings with some and others, I hold polar opposite views. I am very much stirred to question them, not out of bitterness but out of a genuine desire to understand their viewpoint.

But I don’t. I’m not sure I can handle the strain or whether they can handle the strain. Perhaps I am selling them short, selling myself short or selling our relationships short…

Instead my strategy with things of this nature will be to not offer my opinion unless explicitly asked. This never happens, so it’s safe to say that this is one way to avoid the interaction. But also leaves me still in the dark.


It is said that curiosity killed the cat.

Are other animals capable of curiosity?

With the development of technology… starts most of my students’ papers.

… curiosity is stifled and we are told what to think and pursue in the rat race that is life.

It should really  be the other way around. Everything else in life should be an aside, for what is it to lose the innate curiosity that abounds in children? Why are we seemingly more and more disinterested as we age?

It may be that our interests are focused or it may be that we tune out.

If curiosity is unique to humans (which I doubt… it killed the cat), why aren’t we more embracing of it?

Well I never…!

I hope I never come across- God forbid turn into- the person who honks at a mother or father legally crossing the street in a cross walk while pushing their one year old child in a stroller. It takes being a real asshole to honk so that you don’t have to slow down to break the law. Are we not civilized at the end of the day…?

Feeling old…

Off went the beard, just too much silver shining through at such a young age. Body is aching and muscles pop every which way- it’s a wonder I can move at all. Time for bed… Feeling young again hitting the hay near midnight though when I wake up early I’ll be…