Well I never…!

I hope I never come across- God forbid turn into- the person who honks at a mother or father legally crossing the street in a cross walk while pushing their one year old child in a stroller. It takes being a real asshole to honk so that you don’t have to slow down to break the law. Are we not civilized at the end of the day…?

T.N.T. (Tips for Novice Test-takers)



Tip #1

Should you sit next to Humpty Dumpty;
Should his paper have a great fall-
Do NOT pick up any pieces
Lest appear the Principal.

Tip #2

When you lack material
and then request a ‘rubber’
it may sound surrealial
and make your teacher stutter

Tip #3

so says the Latin, dead
I hope these tips will stick in your,
the novice test-taker’s, head.

Bonus Tip

Nerves, sleep deprived studying and Red Bull
don’t mix.
They form a chemical compound similar to

Remembering the Rain

Morning. 3ish. Rain. Somehow I know it is raining; maybe that slightly softer hum that calms all who are now slumbering.

Time for time travel. Quite as a mouse, slip out of the bedroom. Grab a small dengzi, and head for the balcony. My location is there because it gets me as close to rain as possible. Not quite wet as it’s not a true balcony that is open to the air- glass separates me ahead, above and to the two sides.

It’s the sound I seek, my portal to the past. Instantly I can recall the first book I couldn’t put down. I read for three days straight in middle school during the winter. Somehow I remember this through the rain.

It also takes me back to memories of ‘grandpa’ across the street. He was a mean ol’ coot but I think I saw him smile once. His grandchildren were as crafty as he was cranky. Their craftiness countered my cautiousness and was an equal trade for both parties.

I remember the fence we used to run behind and the sounds of the highway at 3ish in the morning 20 years past. Just a few pinches of pixie dust let’s you fly, just a few drops of rain let’s you bridge the fourth dimension. And it’s a peaceful journey.

Feeling old…

Off went the beard, just too much silver shining through at such a young age. Body is aching and muscles pop every which way- it’s a wonder I can move at all. Time for bed… Feeling young again hitting the hay near midnight though when I wake up early I’ll be…


Where to start? At the beginning of course!
It seems scriptogr.am has run its course, just when I was about to start back in. Go figure. Could self host on Dropbox but don’t feel like fussing with my CMS or shifting through my hacked together coding.

I’m wondering if WordPress will let me use markdown
If so, I’m a happy camper…