One of the reasons why I enjoy teaching…

Students are amazingly wonderful people. I gave them an access code to join Schoology as a supplement to our in-class ‘live’ interactions. A few students were slow to sign up, so as one does, I reminded them.

It seems I’m not giving enough homework if they have enough ‘free’ time to do this…


Dunno who the culprit is, but I have some clues. Not sure whether it is appropriate or not in the current political climate so I didn’t make a big announcement about this… but in all honesty, I thought it clever and quite amusing.

Surely I can’t publically condone this sort of behavior but keep it coming Mr. Former President!


On a side-note, it looks like today’s writing is up to maybe 200 words if I really stretch out this paragraph. Considering yesterday’s writing session was too short, and today’s is grossly inadequate, I’ll have some serious catching up to do. However, if one looks on the bright side, at least something is being writing. Two days in a row- woohoo!



Despite all the tasks I have listed to do today, here comes a drop of rain after a long drought. Add to it the fact that I’ve decided to ‘write a novel’ in November (more on that another day) which requires something to the effect of 1000+ words per day. Here I am barely breaking 100 for an unrelated task…


camouflageMidway through my self-inflicted hour-long walk to work this morning which began shortly after 6am, I noticed a person rummaging through the rubbish bin; noticed them collect something- if memory serves it was a plastic bottle which at one point might have held at least 500ml but surely less than 1L of some diabetes abetting liquid; noticed them upon completing their survey of the bin continue on towards the intersection; and noticed them commence the fording of light traffic to eventually arrive at the other side of the street.

I never did see the person reach the other side of the street for as they began the first few footsteps onto the cold hard concrete my attention was drawn to the projectile that left their hand and landed smack dab on a stripe of the futile attempt to control the urban zebra.

I could go tangent about the fascinating complex mechanisms of ‘waste’ collection here in the Middle Kingdom- but I wont. Equally probable on my part would be a digression, nay an exploration of the habits of a random sample of citizens and their nonchalant attitude toward polluting the surrounding environment. Something else worth reflecting on but perhaps not expanding on at this moment is my own haughty perspective and hypocritical inaction of right-ing ‘a wrong’ (I did not put this plastic in its place…and don’t get me started thinking about the fact that it’s existence has not changed merely by placing it in the designated bin rather than on the street surface…!)

All plastic is not treated equal. This thought led me to action and it was as simple as that. To be willing to dig through the rubbish bin to collect a plastic bottle and in nearly the same moment in time to discard a plastic bag of sorts blatantly without disregard in the middle (ok, near the curb) of the street was intriguing, enough to document and write about 16 hours later.

Okay, I lied. I may digress a little because hell, all things are connected. I don’t have the mental energy at the moment to ‘research’ about the ethical treatment of plastics in all the bio? diversity. It does remind me of an hour-long podcast compilation about the toxic nature of the world we live in, one part focusing on plastics.

“Plastic is a term that we give to hundreds of different materials…”

…anyway (it is now about at least an hour later and I somehow have sidetracked myself into lesson planning and arranging media for class later this week…)

A proposed class

Next class will be themed under cultural diversity. It seems that as of late, I happen to be coming across multiple sources that coincide with what we are studying in class:

I’m hoping to do something different in class with this material. One student’s comments/complaints/criticisms/observations is that class time is inefficient as far as time is concerned. Teachers are taking an hour to do what students can supposedly do in 20 minutes of self-study or revision. If this is the case, perhaps s/he has point. If strictly conveying knowledge is best done individually and books/other inanimate material can manage to facilitate this process in an effective way (students are able to understand and then retain that knowledge) perhaps classtime is better spent on higher order manipulation of the ‘content’. Hopefully some of that is happening in class already, and hopefully teachers are not underestimating their students’ abilities insomuch as teachers become living conduits of information…


I’m into that reading mode at the moment, very eclectic, devouring much of anything at a great rate. This again comes after a relative drought. Perhaps it is the seasons that have prompted this change in behavior- the cold rain, the weather the shift in habit.

Bookshelf at the moment (though a little outdated):

My book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)

2:11AM Ending

As much as my little engine that could would like to go on it can’t. Or rather it will migrate to a softer surface, lay out horizontally and read a book until unconsciousness is met… hello Mr. Sandman… hello. The last little bit left is to update the ol’ wordcount for my ‘novel’ which is slightly cheating but anything that gets me writing, whether it be a blog or a book, is a positive step forward…


Internet articles read today:

T.N.T. (Tips for Novice Test-takers)



Tip #1

Should you sit next to Humpty Dumpty;
Should his paper have a great fall-
Do NOT pick up any pieces
Lest appear the Principal.

Tip #2

When you lack material
and then request a ‘rubber’
it may sound surrealial
and make your teacher stutter

Tip #3

so says the Latin, dead
I hope these tips will stick in your,
the novice test-taker’s, head.

Bonus Tip

Nerves, sleep deprived studying and Red Bull
don’t mix.
They form a chemical compound similar to

Remembering the Rain

Morning. 3ish. Rain. Somehow I know it is raining; maybe that slightly softer hum that calms all who are now slumbering.

Time for time travel. Quite as a mouse, slip out of the bedroom. Grab a small dengzi, and head for the balcony. My location is there because it gets me as close to rain as possible. Not quite wet as it’s not a true balcony that is open to the air- glass separates me ahead, above and to the two sides.

It’s the sound I seek, my portal to the past. Instantly I can recall the first book I couldn’t put down. I read for three days straight in middle school during the winter. Somehow I remember this through the rain.

It also takes me back to memories of ‘grandpa’ across the street. He was a mean ol’ coot but I think I saw him smile once. His grandchildren were as crafty as he was cranky. Their craftiness countered my cautiousness and was an equal trade for both parties.

I remember the fence we used to run behind and the sounds of the highway at 3ish in the morning 20 years past. Just a few pinches of pixie dust let’s you fly, just a few drops of rain let’s you bridge the fourth dimension. And it’s a peaceful journey.

Feeling old…

Off went the beard, just too much silver shining through at such a young age. Body is aching and muscles pop every which way- it’s a wonder I can move at all. Time for bed… Feeling young again hitting the hay near midnight though when I wake up early I’ll be…


Where to start? At the beginning of course!
It seems scriptogr.am has run its course, just when I was about to start back in. Go figure. Could self host on Dropbox but don’t feel like fussing with my CMS or shifting through my hacked together coding.

I’m wondering if WordPress will let me use markdown
If so, I’m a happy camper…