As of Late

As of late I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night. Don’t ask why as there might be a plethora of reasons. I might say that I only need a few hours of sleep each night. I might say that all the caffeine consumed throughout the day has kept me awake. It may be that I’m a light sleeper and my child has kicked me back into consciousness at 2am. It also may be that I have tasks to do such as international calling. Maybe waking up in the middle of the night is just natural.

Anywho… if it gives me a chance to write a little bit, all the better.

On Calligraphy

Yesterday a student asked me if I wanted to participate in her Calligraphy club. I mused aloud how my handwriting must be so beautiful. Was this a low blow to the teacher? I do not have legible handwriting… what gives? She mentioned that last year we learned cursive together and that I might be interested. What a thoughtful student! The club held a competition the previous year- didn’t know it existed, let alone the competitions. It seems that it was an online thing. One plus was that the competition allowed for both Chinese and English calligraphy submissions! Hopefully in the future the will be some updates worth posting and sharing…

On 90 seconds of ‘fame’

So the fam’ was on television yesterday. Nothing primetime, just the local television station (…considering the population of the ‘city’ is 8.23 million, I’m sure a few people watched). It’s funny because one sees oneself in a different light in that situation. Totally unprepared and unrehearsed, my ‘performance’ was very ordinary 😉 I also noted that I have aged and almost remind myself of my grandparents though not nearly as aged.

Two nap or not two nap, that is the question.

Unfortunately, I forget where on the net I found this handy chart.

I already don’t need that much sleep. Well, comparatively speaking. Usually anywhere between 5-7 hours is my maximum. I guess my body just gets restless.

I stumbled upon some crazy ideas, and this chart, one day while reading about sleep and patterns and such. Yesterday I started the Everyman 2-nap schedule. I tried to find a little quiet place to ‘sleep’ but ended up meditating-ish for about 10 minutes before I lost focus. Laying down wasn’t an option so I sat cross-legged underneath a grove of trees. Then in evening I took another, about thirty minutes.

(On a side note during my 10 minute morning excursion into a calm mind, I felt the wind and wondered where it comes from. I’m serious. Where does wind come from? Why does it blow? So I’ll have to investigate at some point…)

Ideally it would be a blast to try an even more ambitious sleeping style but unfortunately it is required of me to interact with other human beings. If I could get away with it, I would love to try the others for an extended period of time.

I also road about 20 miles on my bicycle, to and from classes. To town in the morning, then back to the suburbs in the afternoon. I was thinking about riding another 7 miles back into town in the evening but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Need to rest up for my return to the football pitch after my broken nose (which I’ll blog about in a day or two).