As of Late

As of late I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night. Don’t ask why as there might be a plethora of reasons. I might say that I only need a few hours of sleep each night. I might say that all the caffeine consumed throughout the day has kept me awake. It may be that I’m a light sleeper and my child has kicked me back into consciousness at 2am. It also may be that I have tasks to do such as international calling. Maybe waking up in the middle of the night is just natural.

Anywho… if it gives me a chance to write a little bit, all the better.

On Calligraphy

Yesterday a student asked me if I wanted to participate in her Calligraphy club. I mused aloud how my handwriting must be so beautiful. Was this a low blow to the teacher? I do not have legible handwriting… what gives? She mentioned that last year we learned cursive together and that I might be interested. What a thoughtful student! The club held a competition the previous year- didn’t know it existed, let alone the competitions. It seems that it was an online thing. One plus was that the competition allowed for both Chinese and English calligraphy submissions! Hopefully in the future the will be some updates worth posting and sharing…

On 90 seconds of ‘fame’

So the fam’ was on television yesterday. Nothing primetime, just the local television station (…considering the population of the ‘city’ is 8.23 million, I’m sure a few people watched). It’s funny because one sees oneself in a different light in that situation. Totally unprepared and unrehearsed, my ‘performance’ was very ordinary 😉 I also noted that I have aged and almost remind myself of my grandparents though not nearly as aged.

a slow demise

This week has been a slow demise. Slow and painful.

A week ago, somehow, someway, I caught a bug that has tormented me and plotted my destruction. Perhaps it was a perfect storm: lack of sleep, staying up late, and just too much old fashion exercise for a fragile body (still figuring out when I became so fragile). And here I am on the mend (knock on wood) but not after a few licks.

Sunday I was in bed all day with a fever. Monday morning come work time, still had the fever but what the heck, why not head into work? Tuesday still under the weather, Wednesday was a passable day that was spent uncomfortably in the office for the most part that probably should have been spent recuperating in bed at home. Thursday I somehow managed to get through six lessons and a few meetings. Yesterday, Friday saw me into work. I thought I’d celebrate my good feelings of survival with a fast food breakfast. By 8:30am I was feeling dizzy, started class at 9:15am and was really about to topple. I excused myself, asked permission to take the day off and prepared to do so. At 9:30am I was taking a moment just to collect myself before heading home. On my way down the stairs I made it just in time to the men’s restroom to unload my dizziness in two violent and self-contained abdominal upheavals. That cured the dizziness just long enough to take the subway home and crawl into bed. I’ve been sleeping since…

The week before my troubles was filled with full lessons, no preps, staffing stress and oral examinations. Next week is similar, so that ought to be a blast. It’s all about pacing and doing what needs to be done. It’s not for the faint of heart. I’m hoping that I’m at least up to 80% come Monday otherwise I might not make it. This past week was fairly uneventful and I was running on fumes, perhaps an average of 35%. Yeah I can gauge this pretty well as normally I can do flights and flights of stairs without breaking stride. Last week I couldn’t get up two flights without feeling like keeling over.

At some point I wanted to start writing again, and documenting my demise might be a good time to start. Most likely Hopefully it will take a lot longer than a week or two. It would be a terrible pity to start such a good habit so late in life 😉

Now off to catch some afternoon …zzzZZZs and charge up the proverbial battery for next week’s festivities.


What am I still doing up? I don’t know. Excess consumption of C8H10N4O2 might have had something to do with it. [Wow, aren’t you just dying to click that link? It looks so awesome with the subscript].

Today was a rather warm day in Nanjing. So warm in fact that after eating lunch, the comfort of my bed beckoned me for some shut eye. When I woke up, wouldn’t you know it? dinner time! So I’ve lost my afternoon, but I gained the evening.

What have I done? Lets see…

  • Papier-mâché / 8 balls, still a lot more to go…
  • Started working on paper lanterns, but it looks like it won’t be that successful
  • IM-ed a mess of people
  • Ripped some of my CDs to lighten the transport home
  • Unsuccessfully called an insurance company

That’s about it. I’m becoming more and more satisfied with a new Operating System that I’m using. Free of course. It’s a linux product. It’s called Ubuntu and it pretty much rocks. Anyway, you can check it out. Simple to use and setup. Lot’s of software, go open source.

ubuntu logo

Now that I’ve cut into my sleep time, lesson planning for tomorrow morning would be a great idea. ZZZzzz…

Seis de Mayo

Yesterday and many years ago, the Mexicans overthrew the French. Who would have thought? Yes, everything is related to the French. Just ask my old French teacher. It’s true… he could find a way to relate anything to French culture. A true francophone…

On to other uninspiring news: It’s a beautiful day in Nanjing. May go for a promenade. Need to face the masses!

What will they do next?

Or what have they done already?

I guess it’s not that alarming, but definitely interesting.

Especially when you put it on a map. Or even a globe?!?!

Yes, we can track communication between two people, anonymously of course.

But I guess it’s a little freaky.

If you have Google Earth, check out this website. On it you’ll be able to download a small file that will allow you to see when a new AIM conversation starts up, and between which two people (cities only) it happens to be between. A little crazy, because this is just beginning. I wonder what the government has… =D

On another note, here are some pictures of some lit buildings right outside my window… they actually look artificial… but take my word… this is what they look like! G’nite!

tower 1
tower 2