the beginning of the end

i just got the ol’ lady a new sony laptop for valentine’s day. what a nice guy, i know. her old one was hanging on by a limb, so hey, why not? when we bought the laptop, they threw in a couple extra goodies as they do in china. one of the free goodies was a laptop table. this table is bad news, i would never buy one in public, and know better than to buy one privately. they threw it in as a bonus- who would say no freebie right?
of course i had to test it out… i sit here lying in bed with my head propped up, just enough to feel comfortable, just enough to slowly ruin my neck and lower back over time. i’m embarrassed to say that it’s freaking wonderful to type while lying down, the whirl of the usb fans humming me into a zen-like state as i type away. no more hot computer on the lap as i awkwardly try it maneuver the mouse and keyboard, no more readjusting to reduce the strain. my only fear is that one day i won’t be able to get out of bed, that one day i’ll be just like the humans from wall-e. this, my dear friends, is the beginning of the end..


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