Home on the Suburban Range

Ah! First time home in three weeks. Even though it has that new apartment smell I feel infinitely better. My plants have surprisingly survived on their own. Yay for the one night back in the ‘burbs (most of which will be busy) doing the following:

    1. Using a fast internet connection
         12:23AM – Closer S06 & S07, The Body of Proof S01

    2. Packing
    3. Watering plants
    4. Following up on emails
    5. Showering
    6. Blogging
    7. Prepping my last ABC class
         10:17 PM – about half way done. material is all set, just need to arrange it!
         12:13 AM – ok apparently I was only 1/3 of the way done… way too much time for something so simple… see page 1 below 😉

    9. Dishes – added @12:15AM

      I’ll update with timestamps to help stay on task and keep an (inefficiency) record.


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