Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat

So… Was giving lesson today (Wednesday of yesterday’s yesterday) and
caught a student surfing the net on her mobile phone. She was on
renren, the chinese equivalent of Facebook. Something caught my eye as
awkward and at first glance I didn’t quit get it though unconsciously
I understood. I snatched her phone in one foul swoop. Lo! And behold a
naked male child, complete with his small package visible. Speaking of
visible, the girl was visibly embarrassed. I half-heartedly displayed
her phone and picture to class, though too quickly for them to glimpse
understanding. It was more bizarre than anything else, and she
apologized after class. It didn’t really bother me, though I never did
completely find out (nor did i dare ask) why my female Junior Level
university student, sitting in the front row, was mobile browsing baby
penis in class…


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