Cultural Invasion

With 'Finger Licking' on the rise, it appears that many Chinese do
indeed say “I'm lovin' it!” Along with the calorie spiked fastfood, it
appears Weight Watchers is getting in on the action. Pay to become
large, then pay to become small. Sounds like a vicious cycle to me…
bound to do wonders on one's health. Does Ronald or the Colonel own
stock in Weight Watchers?
In comparison with Americans, I've seen few Chinese who could in all
good conscience have been called obese or even 'fat'. Unfortunately I
have seen a good share of younger Chinese kids who are eating their
way towards a free ticket on the overweight wagon. Most likely they
are an only child and therefore are most likely spoiled, it seems,
until their bodies are spoiled.
If this company eventually does well (I can't fathom their sales to be
booming at the moment), the government may well need to, for example,
rethink public modes of transportation, seating, and space in
general… if one cares to think about the implications.


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