Ol’ Puddin’head Wilson

Found this old book lying around the common library in the dorm.
(Yep, an aside already. It really bothers me that many old books look unread. That is to say they look like they are in pristine condition. To some extent, I find this a pity and unjust. Unless the reader is careful at every turn of the page, how can a ‘read’ book be untarnished. My books go into my bag, have coffee or food splotches from the times that I simultaneously ingest mentally and physically. Perhaps I am careless and do not cherish the sacred book enough. But to interact with the book is not a crime either. Among you avid readers, who hasn’t torn a book while turning the page excitedly, not being able to control your enthusiasm for the ensuing plot? Or shed a tear, either from sadness or laughter, staining your copy with salted drops? Engage the text!)
Right, moving on…
I quite enjoyed this text by Mr. Mark Twain. The characters develop quickly and in great detail. Why being quite predictable there is a great amount of pleasure in reading just exactly how each character or event turns out. The devil is in the details, so to speak.
At once being humorous, the tale also rings a serious tone. It questions humanity and brings the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate front and center. Whether or not any questions are resolved, it certainly does no harm to examine them in detail.
A quick read, both due to length and style, it’s definitely recommended. Even if it isn’t one of Twain’s most notorious works.


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