Blog Post # ~ 500

Without much adieu and a little sweating from the humid climate, here goes post number environ five hundred.

No doubt like other posts, it will be mundane.

I have a cold. It’s hot. Instead of cranking up the a/c like I’ve been doing, I’ll try something a little different: shutting it off and opening the window. This may help- after three weeks back in those United States of America I returned to find my room a bit dry and dusty. My conscience may indeed savor the heated experience- upon reflection, my carbon footprint is being reduced at the same time. Why not?

Ran errands on the electric scooter… the tires are flat. Traffic was as bad as usual but no casualties on the first run out. The “parking meter lady” wanted five jiao despite the fact that I made a quick ATM run. Ah, the welfare state. Where is it any different?

At the store I located the two items on my list: beer and toilet paper. It sounds bad. But they are necessities. I put the beer in the fridge in case the football crowd accepts an invitation to throw a couple cold ones back after a kick around this afternoon. Who would turn down free beer in this humidity?

The rest of the day looks like laundry and some Chinese study. I’ve been up since three in the morning. Mostly due to turning in at eight in the evening. What more to expect when my daily consumption of sleep in six hours?

So… It’s time to get back to work. Perhaps by staying busy my cough will leave me be. O, when, when will it leave!?

Completely unrelated: my tea bottle was almost left in Auntie M’s car on the way to San Francisco. Luckily she came back before I hopped on the bus. It would have made me so bad. It’s going on two or more years old. Pretty amazing considering how many I’ve lost and broken. The paint was wearing off so I put my own spin on it. I used the stickers from the airline as decals. The messages which were meant for my seat are now splashed on the bottle in a pop art fashion. The messages are:

  1. Please Do not Distrub
  2. Please Wake Me for Duty Free
  3. Please Wake Me for Meal Service.

They are written in Sony Playstation colors in English, Japanese and Korean.


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