Movie Review: Ben X

If you are a fan of ‘foreign’ films, you’ll like this one. I believe that it’s about a Belgian boy with autism and his struggle to fit in with ‘normal’ people and the world in general. His escape: online video games.

The movie held my attention for about two thirds of the movie, then it lost its hold, but not for reasons related to language. I’m glad I stuck through it though, because the ending was superb!

Whoever lead me onto this movie, thanks. Not sure who it may have been- Mr. B, Big Mike, or a student for that matter.



  1. just three… hehe. english, chinese and somewhere in my noggin is french. i suppose when i wote 'speaking' in german, i was gibbering and making nonsensical sounds.
    it's quite fun though while watching as you'll probably be about to pick out quite a few words without even having studied πŸ™‚


  2. Gibberish is all good πŸ™‚ And it is fun when I can pick out words in a foreign language flick. Love the rare times when I can see that the subtitles aren't really quite the Spanish spoken.


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