Coconut Soymilk

Novelty lead me to purchase some instant Coconut Soymilk pouches. Much to my pleasure, one of my students reassured me that this instant soy milk wasn’t healthy. She suggested I make my own…

pseudo-coconut pseudo-soy milk

Survey (of one) says: Not that much different than other soymilk… just a hint of coconut 😦

On the topic of soy, I was surprised to find that some of my top students did not know how to say ‘豆浆‘ in English. As soy has a strong presence in China, I thought it might be good to give them ‘soy sauce’ and ‘soy bean’. I also threw in ‘绿豆‘ which apparently is a ‘meng bean’ but directly translated is ‘green bean’ and is not what I know as green beans or string beans.

Long story short, yay for beans!



  1. Green bean is also the Vietnamese literal translation of the 'mung bean'. Very confusing with the real green beans we know (and possibly love).


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