Lines Crossed


Question: How does my wireless detector make heads or tales out of this situation? [see picture]

When I select a connection from the wireless connection list, only one instance of NJNU-WLAN appears. Looking behind the scenes, it appears that there are several routers masquerading as one. Using common sense, I’d wager that the OS distinguishes each by it’s MAC address. But, but, but- they’re all running on the same Channel, and all have the same SSID- it makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes. For example, if I were to stray out of distance of one of the connected router, does my OS simply ‘switch over’ to one with the same channel and name but different MAC address? This doesn’t seem too safe and secure. But if all things being legit, it does make it convenient for making a wireless network with a broad coverage range under the same ‘name’. I’ll have to dig up the dirt on this to quench my thirsty curiosity…


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