Gambling, Grandiosity and 狗肉 (gou rou)

It feels as though my blog has become unimportant. I’ve been busy with work, living, etc. so it has fallen by the wayside.


(The word ‘wayside’ reminds me of a song by Alkaline Trio called Burn. Every with the lyrics I have a difficult time interpreting what the whole song means. I like it mostly because of this word and the catchy verse and chorus… they make me feel a kind of melancholy nostalgia, they kind you get a knot in the stomach and feel like your dying… but in a positive way if it’s possible. Also can be described as a song you listen to on repeat for ten times until you suffer enough… it’s a song that hits you in your weak spot.) 

Though all this may be true, some interesting events have happened in my life as of late, so I thought I might share with myself and any others who may be slightly amused…

I’m not much of a Gamblin’ Man, just ask my friend Michael. He’s not much of a gambler either, though he does love the song, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. The whole idea is a bit silly to me, and I’d rather through my money away in a more entertaining fashion, because when I gamble, that’s pretty much what I do- through it away.
Other’s however are quite intelligent about their gambling. I had the chance to meet an exception example of such a person. This person was in some way, shape or form related to the book Bringing Down the House, which was a decent read, and also spawned movie-from-book, 21, which I haven’t seen but heard was terrible- all these about the same topic, gambling (and doing it mathematically).
One of my colleagues stayed with this man’s family a while back and he happened to be visiting with his daughter on a whirl wind trip through China. Both he and his daughter were very friendly and I can only assume they’ll have a blast. After he gave a short talk about his history (which I didn’t attend, so I don’t really know the details), we went out to dinner.
My colleague took us to the largest restaurant in Nanjing. When I say large, I mean it. It is a four storey restaurant that can serve up to 5,000 people at one time. Each group of guests have their own room. You start on the bottom floor and pick out the exquisite dishes of your choice and they send them up to your ‘room’ on another floor. Just imagine: going to see a concert and then inviting all those people out to eat at the same restaurant!
狗肉 (gou rou).
Gou rou is dog meat. Pure and simple. And delicious. This is the first time I’ve knowingly eaten dog meat (you never know…) and it was very tasty. I even manoeuvred the ol’ chopsticks for a second round of this tasty meat. We did wonder what breed of dog this meat came from. More research is needed on my part to discover which types of dogs are farmed. Sorry Fido, you’re just too tasty to pass up!
All and all, it was an interesting evening. If anything, a nice break from daily grind and something to blah blah blog about…

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