Tropical rainforests are regrowing. Now what?

this is why i like OLD things in general. like old shoes, old people, old __________[fill in the blank)].

there are exceptions. i don’t like old food [as in dated food, though apparently you can generally eat it and get away with it], old [dirty] clothes [though i like old clothes in the sense they are well worn and comfortable, even despite their appearances], old buildings [except when they collapse on people], old __________[fill in the blank].

as my math teacher says [i use the present tense because i suppose he has neither ceased being my math teacher not ceased saying the phrase…?!?] when asked ‘is that the rule?’ or ‘is it always the case?’- he says something to the effect of ‘yes, except sometimes’ or ‘yes: always, except for’.

life is full of exceptions. mais comme d’habitude we are getting side tracked…

yay for the reforestation! yay for the young trees! let’s let them reach a ripe old age and hope we’re still around to see them in all their grandiosity



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