catching up

Today is October 12th. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so why not?
Today was alright, woke up and made my bed. I like to make beds…
Studied Chinese for an hour and a half. Then met another teacher and took a ride around the city.
We actually got out into the suburbs. There it felt like another place. Took a ride along the canal. It turned out to be a several kilometer ride… definitely double digits. Finally came home and kicked the soccer ball around with some other people.

Yesterday was a long one. We had a sports day. Basically all the students met at 7am at the Olympic Stadium outside of town and we had a track and field events day. Mostly running, but there was a teacher vs student match. On Friday we had a practice game and the teachers slaughtered the students, 6 to 0. But on Sports Day, we lost 4 to 1. It was enjoyable, just felt bad that our only point came from me taking a dive in the box. At least we got on point from that…

Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony. First a dragon dance of some sort, it’s trying to catch a golden orb. And then some Tae Kwan Doe to Final Countdown (I think that’s the name… it’s the song Job does to his Illusion act.)

I’m going to go eat some dinner- a student is taking a group of teachers to a spicy restaurant- and then go make some lists. I’ve a pretty good start in my head, but it’ll help to write it all out and get organized. So… adios.


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  1. Happy birthday to you~happy birthday to you~happy birthday to Erin~happy birthday to you~OK…that’s probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard…In all happy birthday~tomorrow…


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