without visions of grandeur, i rode my bicycle through the local vineyards.
with a vision of making my town grander, i thought of things while riding my bicycle through the local vineyards.

not that i especially want my town to become a tourist trap, i nonetheless think up ideas on how to improve the locality. some in the community would like to see an eco-friendly Mendocino County. sure, why not? one can’t argue with that.

so while riding, i was thinking about riding. perhaps we could turn Mendocino County into a bicycler’s haven. i’ve ridden many roads in the county and they are both beautiful and challenging on a bicycle.

  • perhaps tout the area as such and increase its notarity.
  • perhaps create a bicycler’s map or guide as to the location of scenic routes or challenging climbs
  • perhaps install bicycle road signs and directions on the roads making routes publically visible
  • perhaps (this comes from a scheming mind) at the beginning of each route have a solar paneled clock and a random number generator to give to the rider. at the end of the ride, have a solar paneled camera and keep of database of riders who complete the different trails in Mendocino County and post a webpage with riders before/after photos, as well as any comments and suggests they may have. this would make it interesting and unique. if there were enough trails like this scattered throughout the county, i’d like to think it would bring in people from wide and far
  • perhaps hold annual bike-a-thons or races along the various routes established.
  • create local and unique booths to stop at along the longer routes in the county adding to the local tourism industry

the county is filled with beautiful mountains and vineyards.
the country up here is amazing and we should take advantage of it in all ways we can without destroying it. just ideas that i would love to realize. there are plenty ideas i have on how to contribute to the community in various ways- now to just put them into action…


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