morning routine

if i have the will and the few pence to do it, i usually stop at safeway on my way to work.
an elderly woman, blind, holding a cane crossed my path while i was locking up my bicycle.
as i entered, my ears where rushed with a ditty that overtook me like a wave and sent me way back… the tune? don’t turn around, by ace of base.
as rocked to the beat as i looked for my morning hit of churros, but, unfortunately they were out of production for the second day in a row.
breakfast usually consists of bananas and 1 liter of orange juice, but today i threw in the inconspicuous strawberry yogurt.
as my body runs on mostly carbohydrates, i opted for apple turnovers, 4 of them at 60 cents a pop. i’m not sure they’ll last through the day. the came as a package deal, they’ll go out as a package deal. they stick together. they are one.
the checkout line was awesome. i had a conversation with a scruffy, grey haired and bearded man in a hat and jacket, both seeming to be distinguishing him as a veteran, though i don’t know if i’m sold on the idea. he didn’t seem that old. anyway, he asked me or rather matter of factly stated, oh you got breakfast?/. I said, yep. and he said me too… his purchases included a 40oz bottle of beer, not sure the flavor, a microwave-able television dinner (did you know you can actually put those things in the oven? well some of them i think) and a yogurt. imagine that… or yogurt brought us together. he was telling me that his beer was actually mexican orange juice. i thought it was funny. i’m not sure if he was mexican. perhaps. he then told me he had to sneak it because his daughter won’t let him drink it. i told him that it would probably put him to sleep, and he replied oh this would just get him started, and wake him up. he’d be sober by the time his daughter got home later in the evening. it was a very amiable conversation. in front of use an woman of asian decent was talking to the checker she apparently knew. the checker was not going to be at work for a while because of some shoulder injury. to this the woman replied, really? and to another question she replied really? in her case i can successfully apply the elmer fudd stereo type as she, too, produced ‘w’ sounding ‘r’. but of course i’m not one to judge. i probably have an ‘american’ sounding french accent, and god know what my chinese sounds like. probably crap. anyway, i couldn’t help but smile… this is going to be a great day.

now… back to reality. here i am. in class. before class. time to grade science papers. yesterday’s work: What is a Vertebrate?

do you know these words? Chordates, Vertebrates, notochord, endoskeleton, ectotherm.
ah, well better brush up. this is 7th grade stuff.

today: fishes.
or fish (pl.) i’m not certain on that one. anyway, more on that later.



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