X Games, Revisited

Long story short, I happened to have my camera with me that day and I took some video. I weeded out some of the less lively stuff and added some tunes. My camera filled up after the first 45 minutes, so I switched to the cell phone. I got some GREAT finale moves, it was really REALLY quite impressive but I forgot that after taking video on my cell phone you have to press save. I didn’t do that and ended up with nothing. So that blows. But it was cool anyway. So you should have taken the test or worked at the school that day.


Also, much to my delight [antonym: chagrin] the Nalgene bottle that I thought I had lost several months ago sudden reappeared in my life. Where was it? The teacher’s staff room, upstairs SEM. I am a happy camper. So happy I can’t put it into words.

Anyway, that Friday was full of fun. On top of everything that happened at school, I also hung out with my good friend who is getting married. Though I’m 25 bucks out, none-the-richer, we did get me fitted for the wedding. It will be a veritable delight wearing whatever it so happens he chose as the wardrobe. My guess is a country western theme. Stay posted for pictures of that affair. Well don’t hold your breath- it’s not until late June. Also managed to squeeze in a weight training session with the Monster.

好的。J’ai fini. Ciao.


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