take 9 for the team

after having played ultimate frisbee: in old shoes; in old duck taped shoes; barefoot; and in socks i decided it was time to invest in a new pair of boots [cleats].

it takes me a while to get down to business but, once i do, i’m quite picky. nothing but the best for my feet (after they’ve suffered the worst). i ordered from my trusted friends at <soccer.com>

anxiously awaiting my shoes, i jumped every time i heard the sound of a diesel engine, my couriers usually driving large brown trucks. except for that one time. finally i get a knock at the door. by the time i answer the truck is speeding away but my package was left behind.

i could hardly contain my excitement but was a bit surprised to find something that looked like this:

actually everything was packaged as it should have been. that’s not what i’m illustrating here. what i found quite bizarre was the fact that my shoes and hat [my order] included 9 razors. where they trying to send me a message? do i need to shave? share one with a friend? what if i’m a girl? how does that play into the mix? mind you, i’m not complaining, just confused why i should be so fortunate to get all these freebies.

anyone need a Schick Xtreme3? i’ve a couple spare…


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