me, myself and i

all three of us are very special, very interesting people.
sometimes i thinks me is a little bizarre.
myself does abnormal things which ‘ordinary’ people may find bizarre.

for example, this morning myself tipped me’s cup of tea over sideways to see if there was anything left in the cup. funny thing about gravity is that it is fairly ubiquitous. luckily me’s cup wasn’t filled completely and myself didn’t tip it completely horizontal- nothing spilled. i on the other hand, hasn’t always been so lucky: once he was holding me’s coffee cup in his hand and decided to look at his watch. not good news…

sometimes we three touch things that we know are hot just to see if they are in all reality hot. an example would be a stove that just finished boiling a pot of water.

we also smell clothes that we know are dirty and potentially do not smell pleasant. we think it is to gauge the degree of dirtiness but haven’t ruled out other possible reasons.

me, myself and i are also hyper-sensitive to the world. today, as we walked to school, we saw the morning sun evaporating water from the surface of a car and were amazed. this made myself remember a time when he stopped to really take a look at the world around him. he looked at the ground and saw, really saw what was happening. under physical and mental pause, a busy world of insects were scurrying around on the ground that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. When myself told i this memory, i began to look at a house we were passing in greater detail. we thought that things become real, not when we notice them superficially, but only when we study them thoroughly, taking time to appreciate their unique nuance in the world.

me, myself and i, we may be crazy…


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