ukiaHaiku Festival

Few cities have the luxury of reversing its name with the result having any kind of meaning. Ukiah reversed is haiku. How poetic. Therefore we have a festival dedicated to the haiku art form, which will be held on Sunday, April 27th of this year. For more information, please visit the ukiaHaiku Festival website.

It seems, after reading through their definition (and perhaps the definition) of a haiku, my haikus are not up to orthodox standards. However, I may submit them anyway or create new works of rubbishness for humor’s sake (not sake).

About the picture: I was inspired by the picture on the ukiaHaiku Festival website. Their ideas was quite clever. Since this entry is about Ukiah, I thought it fitting to use a photo of an early morning sunrise near the corner of Church Street and School Street which I took several weeks ago. Already there is an intrinsic beauty to be found. Why mess with Nature’s perfection? Daringly, I performed a mirror and join manoeuvre on the photo (taken with my portable phone by the way…). The results are quite provocative.

The silhouette of a primeval alter appears, a sacrificial pagan tree on a ceremonial sunrise fire, tempered by white streaks across a nascent blue heaven, the mark of the sky god’s approval.

Hmmm… back to reality…
It’s 12:29am. Definitely time to go to bed…


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