computer nerd

which is better? kde or gnome? how about fluxbox or blackbox? i have no idea what i’m talking about, like most people. but i happily try anyway. i’ll let you know after the downloading is complete. i’m running on an old faithful, a gateway 400mega hertz with 249 megabytes of random access memory on a processor codenamed ironically enough ‘Mendocino’. yes, it was a jewel in 1999, the year i began my university training. it has been steady and true, most of the remaining parts are originals, only the keyboard and mouse being replaced. i swapped out the cd-rom drive for a junker dvd-drive which works. oh, but yes, my outdated iomega zip drive finally took the plunge. and i did go through a cd burner in college. oh yes, let’s not forget the upgraded video card with 16 megs of onboard memory and 3d acceleration. god bless my 3dfx voodoo3 pci card. my kit has been through hell and back, many an installation and has been lent to several friends during my time out of the country. when the day comes, though we shan’t speak of it yet, for my precious, my original ride, my tried and true friend to expire, we’ll send it off in style. only an office space severance package could do, though haven’t the heart… to my good friend, mr. mendocino: may electrons forever flow through your circuitry. amen.


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