• The best time for olfactory sensation is in the brisk morning air. Whether it be decomposing pears or fresh baked bread you are guaranteed a pungent experience.
  • Children really like fire fighters.
  • It’s difficult to choose between the feelings of pride and humour when you see your personal friend, the firefighter, crawling around on his knees in full gear in front of several hundred elementary school students.
  • Exercise and enjoy each moment of life everyday. Sooner rather than later you will get older, significantly. Use it or loose it you might say…
  • Cooking is fun. With all the instant, fast fat in a can, preservatives and pre-paired foods take the pleasure of making a meal from scratch. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s fulfilling (and filling) and nearly always edible (and sometimes even eatable!). This is one of life’s often overlooked simple pleasures.

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