The Day the Earth Stood Still

This was a pretty good movie. Apparently it was one of the first serious Sci-Fi movies. Read more about it here. Or on IMDB.
A couple of things that made me think highly of the film:
– It accurately portrayed the way people fear about everything the slightest bit foreign
– The space man used diamonds as currency (because they don’t wear out very easy) (and this made me think of another great movie or interesting at the very least, Blood Diamond) (Just how many diamonds are stockpiled who knows where keeping them in demand…?)
– It was made in 1951 and was black n’ white. That’s always fun, right?
– To prove his technological superiority, the space man suspends all forms of electricity (even cars are affected) but manages to exclude planes in flight and hospitals. Oh and he did a bad-ass, super hard math problem on a chalk board to help a world renowned scientist!!!

An interesting find, definitely worth watching. Even if you aren’t a sci-fi person, you’ll appreciate this one for actually, to some extent, making sense…


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