Working Man

I now fit under that category, in the broadest sense I presume. Today I was called into work, only half expecting to go. I had set my alarm for 6am, charged to play a favorite podcast of mine which can be found at but alas it didn’t do the trick… so drifting in and out of consciousness for about 45 minutes was the name of the game, which ended with a summon via the telephone.

Up in a flash, coffee to boil, iron the pants, don a tie, spruce up the mop and out the door. Almost was late to 上课 because of a traffic jam on Low Gap Road. Apparently everyone and their pets decided to drive to school. Yikes… oh how the tides have changed. Took a detoured route down past del casa de Señor B, but that too was clogged. On foot I went…

Familiar faces in the office, excited to see that I had indeed decided to come, the bell for the commencement of class having already rung.

It would be World Cultures class this morning, Advanced Placement at that. I was excited to hear that they had been given homework over the summer and it appears that they had even done it! Their teacher was actually present for half the class, my reason for being that kindergarten also began today, she wanting to take her son for this momentous occasion. Today the students (and I, just for fun) read silently through a text about 13th or 14th century Europe more specifically two articles written by the Pope and one counter argument article. It seems that during that time, the religious leadership had claimed dominion over secular institutions, and with the rise of kingdoms conflicting thought came to light.

The next class period we passed out books and filled out some maps- a bit of busy work and before we knew it, the teacher had returned and I was free to depart.

All and all, not bad for fifty bones and hour. Now I’m up and awake, free to do other things. Magnificent…

I walked home, it being a nice day, me deciding that I would be better off to do so than hitchhiking. Ran into several people and offered my polite “Good Mornings” oft hearing the same in reply. One fellow looked like he could have been from Tibet, in fact I would have thought so if I were still in 中国, but I’m not, so I didn’t.

Since I worked so hard, I decided to treat myself to a plain coffee, priced at $1.75, at my local favorite The Coffee Critic. There I saw Mel Gibson (ok, not really Mel, but a guy I’ve seen at the Frisbee Golf course who seems pretty cool) and my old civics teacher from high school who I’m not sure works there anymore. I drank the ‘joe and read a bizarre and interesting periodical that is published in Humbolt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, Trinityy and Del Norte counties called Greenfuse, vox populi. The sub line for the newspaper quotes a poem by Dylan Thomas. I take this paper with several thousand grains of salt yet there are certain truths that can be derived from it. For example, this interesting article referencing the poem, talking about the splintering of the language and perhaps our inability to communicate effectively with each other because of the many offshoots of anthropogenic cultures. Anyway, moving on…

I left the café, continued on my journey home, plagued with thought. I began to wonder if choosing the smaller, non-corporate establishment was really a better idea. I thought about mid-sized businesses compared against conglomerates, the bigger corporations more oft than not under watchful eye of the masses. I prefer smaller business, local establishment to commercialization… curiosity would have that I discover who is ‘kinder’ and more agreeable with my philosophy (which ought better be left undefined). No matter I suppose… C’est un fait accompli…

Another quick side thought as I walked home. Viewer discretion may be advised, though taken non-vulgarly should provide not a problem. Well my friend Frank who is on his way to becoming a journalist once remarked (not sure if this was his thinking or exact wording but the jest is there) that blogging is in some way, shape or form a kind of mental masturbation. Take it for what it’s worth and as an interesting analogy to think about- just the same even if you disagree.

So here I sit full of self pleasure talking nonsense. It’s noon and I’ve accomplished much and I’ve accomplished little. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… no wait that’s been said before…

Time to eat my lunch and continue fixing my bicycle, the same bicycle I was riding when I was violently struck by a moving truck. It’s a miracle that both the bicycle and I escaped with only cuts and bruises and that after two years, with a little air and a couple new bolts, we’re both ready to continue our lives.


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