28 Days Later…

28 Days Later…
Ok, so this isn’t a new movie. This blog entry isn’t even a critique of the movie. It’s about how this movie relates to me.

I’m not big into zombie flicks. This one could be considered sci-fi/zombie. My buddy Tyler likes zombie flicks, or at least went through a phase. [just tried spelling ‘phase’ like ‘faze’… heaven help me] All this totally unrelated. The movie is entertaining enough, but for me, this time around, it carried a special meaning. [The first time around it was about 2am and my cousin was watching the DVD at an unseemly loud decibel level! The sound of zombie vomiting on people, biting people neck, British MPs unloading rounds into zombie corpses doesn’t facilitate sweet dreams…]

It made me think in a different way at least. I found it slightly peaceful- scenes in the movie where entire cities were deserted. Highways deserted. There was something very appealing to me about this. It could be having lived in cities over 6million for the last 2 years, and not never seeing movement [intention use of double negative]. Always seeing people is draining. Even at home you hear people. There is little calm. Even in parks, there are people. Where no people are, there are people. Where is isolation?

Now my friend Frank would argue that I have recently been obsessed with over-population. It’s interesting to think about, read about, and study. If there were fewer of us around, we might begin to cure some of societies ailments.

Now the only problem: how do we reduce our number? =)
Sticky subject. Suffice it to say there isn’t an easy way.

In university I read an essay by Garrett Hardin titled “the Tragedy of the Commons”. It’s worth a look. I recommend it. Also check out some more stuff on population related to this idea.


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