At orientation we were speaking about how to keep your classroom in order. What rules should we make? A teacher that had been teaching at the school for several years told us some of the rules she had made in the past. One year, she told us, she had given too many rules, resulting in an overkill of sorts. She made the comment to this effect: You don’t want to be like Hitler.
My mind rested on this comment. It was absorbed, processed and in the end, made me chuckle. The comment was somewhat stereotypical or cliché of sorts. Imitating Hitler would actually be a great way to keep control in the classroom. Think about it. Without making extreme rules and being strict in authoritarian fashion, he was able to control the masses in Germany. Though his actions were negative, his strategy was quite clever (pardon the use of the word.) Through his persuasiveness and charisma he was able to get people to do things that, if they had thought through clearly and contemplated, they might not have done on their own.
Historical cases aside, he was effective in mobilizing a large population to do as he wished.


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