10 minutes later…

…gosh. My internet has been sucking lately. 😦
Yesterday’s football game was interesting. We had nearly the exact same record as the Chinese team going into the game. We had each beaten Malaysia and Holland, almost with the same points.
We came into the match, thinking rightly, that the Chinese would be a formidable team.
And they were…!
The game started out tough, and moved quickly. We managed to score the first goal, putting USA up 1-0. Our opponents quickly recovered and tied the game with 10 minutes. Before the end of the half, we were down 1-3. Fueled up by our silly mistakes, we game into the second half with new determination.
We soon tied the game 3-3 and were gaining momentum. After 10 minutes of our tieing the game, China scored another goal, making it 3-4. And then the whistle blew…
The head league official came onto the field and there was a flutter of excitement all around. Most of us had no idea what was going on. It turns out that apparently the China team had hired some semi-pros to play in the match against us. After about 15 minutes of discussion, we continued the game. As this was an amateur tournament, I think they got in trouble. I guess they really wanted to win badly.
Again, we were down 3-4 when even more unexpected events happened. We had a substitution where several people came on and off at once. We were trying to figure out how many people we had on the field (oops!) as was the referee. The other team, and more specifically (I presume) the hired help, got upset and started yelling at the referee that we were wasting time. As a side note, usually when you are losing a game, you don’t ‘waste’ time if you want to win. So this hired help yelled at the referee and he didn’t like it so he gave him a yellow card. He didn’t like that much either, and continued to yell. Result: red card.
So the referee gives the guy a red card, marks it down and turn away to continue the game. Ten seconds later, the red carded player turns around, and with the referee’s back turned, does some kind of kung fu kick at him. Another of the players starts clocking the referee in the face. Eventually this whole ordeal gets sorted out and the referee goes to the hospital with a bleeding face. The game is pretty much cancelled and China forfeits the match.
We wanted to continue playing. Most of the China team was really cool, it was only a handful of these ‘hired’ players that were causing the trouble. In fact, we were holding our own against these pros. It just seemed really weird in the moment because here was the winning team beating up the referee. Even more bizarre was that this seems totally out of characteristic of the stereotypical asian. Anyway…
So team USA is technically undefeated and will play Korea next weekend. Whodathunkit?
I think we could have and might probably have beaten China. The game was cut short 20 minutes. Maybe we’ll get another chance to have a friendly match…
So that’s that…
On another note, I’ve been finding my Monday’s most productive. I have the busiest schedule on Monday and yet somehow I get more done. I don’t come home for lunch, I just got to the office and study Chinese. I usually spend a couple hours (2 or 3) on Monday studying. I also cleaned my house today and gave my fish some new water. Oh and man is it tough being a teacher. I started entering all the grades today and it took quite possibly 3 hours or more. But I needed to get it done, so yippy, I took a chunk out of the big pile I have.
Hmmm… what else…
Today I started a cool business simulation that will take 2 class periods but will be worth it (I hope). One class to explain it, the other to simulate. I think the kiddies will like it though. So far, so good… no one seemed [too] lost.
Ah, I also cleaned out my rice maker. It was bizarre, I think I’ll just cut and paste a conversation I had [one-sided] that explains it:
I just looked in my rice pot and there was left over rice that was growing! Have you ever smelt oven baked bread? Well this rice smelt like that… I think it was because the yeast growing or something… weird!!!!
Ok, that was more like 3 sentences but oh well.
It’s time to catch some shut eye I suppose.
Grrr…. Only one other person knows what ‘Grrr’ means: How does it feel to be out of the loop everyone? Haha. Not funny. Ok. So peace out everyone, noone.


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