i have a bloody toe. not the english ‘bloody’ but the ‘oh, i’ve been shot’ bloody.

my toe wasn’t the victim of an attempted homicide, nor did an auto destructive feeling come over the toe’s brain and say, hmm today is the day to be bloody. actually my toe doesn’t have a brain and neither do i. as a matter of fact, i have no idea how it became injured or why i am even muttering. oh mon dieu!

if there were some kind of mental tape recorder that could record my thoughts throughout the day i would invest. more importantly, if there were some kind of enthusiasm catcher, i would do likewise. often i have thoughts, but forget. often my enthusiasm is curbed sigh by pressing matters that in all reality are not so pressing.

today i saw a sunset. at the time i wished i had a camera. seconds later after that wish, i wished i had photographic skills. now i only have one wish left…

not so many people walk. and they wonder why they are getting fat, they wonder why their health declines. i guess not everyone can be so fortunate as to stub their toe.

cars are really loud too. i wonder if we would all regain our mental health if we didn’t hear automobiles flying down the street, or even worse the freeway. to hear the birds sing, the wind blow. and the incessant television, radio, electrons flying every direction. the sound of mechanics, gears turning, coolants humming. i fricken hate technology. it lets us do so much. is it so wrong to be attracted to simplicity in a complex world?

even our shoes separate us from the earth, the dirt and nature. not that i like to stub my toes, nor step on glass or thorns, but sometimes the separation may be too much.

how dismal?



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