Can’t Resist

Wow, life has been extremely exciting lately. Well, not really exciting, just different. A domicile I currently have not. Yes, sad and unfortunate, but it’s my decision. My car works nice after all… minus the cold temperatures and funny stares, no privacy, cramped space, lack of electricity, funny smell…geesh I could go on forever. But this allows me certain freedoms, one being the freedom to spend more money and pay fewer bills. Granted I am trying to save up money, but now I don’t feel so bad about spending it because I shouldn’t run short… haha yeah right.

Yesterday was straight out of my imagination. A friend and I began a voyage one could only dream of. We started off breakfast at Nat’s Grill, nestled quaintly between the Hawthorne airport and, well, Hawthorne. The atmosphere was quaint but the food didn’t live up to expectations. I had a good time, and if nothing else the eat-while-you-watch-a-helicopter-take-off show was worth the trip. The Hawthorne airport is actually quite big and is/used to be the location of the Western flight museum (something like that) and there are a bunch of really cool, really old planes. Good times!

After breakfast we drove to a tee shirt warehouse with a bunch of inexpensive clothes. Most of them were cotton tees. This presented me a problem. Do we pay $25 for the higher quality cotton, for the logo, for the name, why on earth is it so expensive? It’s really a pretty sad joke, department stores. Don’t get me wrong. For some reason I feel like you do get a higher quality shirt. Are feelings always right though? Think about it!

They didn’t have the right size shirt, so we hopped back in the car and after a short detour decided to just drive. Drive, drive, drive, wherever the wind may blow. It blew us to downtown Inglewood. We actually took Inglewood Ave/Blvd/whatever up through Lennox and then came out in Inglewood. It’s actually on the up and up and quite frankly looks a bit nice than my last humble abode. We did a loop and saw some pretty cool shops ‘downtown’ and parked the car and went out for a gander. We looked through some clothing shops, most of the had hip-hop attire and didn’t tickle my fancy. Then we spotted an old record store. It was super fly. Haha. I thought it was cool but my friend fell in love. 1) I don’t own a record player, and 2) I don’t really listen to the old school R&B or whatever it was, but if I listened to that music, I could see why it was a find. The old woman running the store was super old and super nice. She was very conversational and pleasant. She even had a picture with Michael Jackson and the guy from the show ‘Webster’. I guess you just never know where famous people might show up… Apparently there though!

My friend bought a pin (which was riddled with tetanus) and a record. We then went to some underground mall? to search for clothes. It was interesting. I heard some guy say that he was at the swap meet. Anyway, I bought a bunch of plain tee shirts for cheap, in the size that I wanted. I think I’m going to get some iron on paper and may some designs. The place was kind of crazy and left a lasting impression. Food for thought I guess.

At that point, we decided to hop in the car and drive down Crenshaw back to Hawthorne. I think we took Florence by the cemetery and then onto Crenshaw. The cemetery looked pretty cool and would be cool to visit (is that morbid?) All the homes are actually very well kept, only they are old and it feels like you are really somewhere else. Amazing and fascinating!

My friend, the excellent driver he is bailed the road into a parking lot when he saw a funky looking restaurant. I thought we were going to die! I love driving with him though, esp. parking!

Anyway, we got a soda and a shake. We also were a perspect to buy peddled DVD’s and Playstation games. What an experience!

To make a long story short, we spent the rest of the day looking for a park near LAX where you can watch the planes fly in over head. Rather than find the park, we found a butterfly sanctuary, drove in the heart of LAX, found downtown El Segundo, including a nifty water tower and um… that’s about it. Oh yeah, I had a good time chatting that evening at Starbucks (yes, it’s hurts to mention that I went to Starbucks) and drinking tea. To top it all off, a hearty soul – food dinner and a good nights sleep. What more could you ask for?

Maybe a home…


But, memories are great and I thought I would at last write a blog that would, in the future, jog my memories and bring a smile, or a tear, to my face!



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