…people have never seen rain before! what do you expect, i’m living in l.a.! it’s like they can’t drive because the sky is falling! oh no, what do we do? H2O…. how funny. apparently people shouldn’t really be living here because way back when it was a barren shit-hole of a place. import some water and people, and poof!, instant metropolis. once they get water naturally, what happens? everyone freaks out. i guess it does make since that everyone does drive so slow. i mean there are already a lot of stupid drivers out there and all they need is rain as another obstacle. me, i learned how to drive in the rain. i learned how to drive in a ‘tank’ in the rain. a nice ’89 ‘henry bull’. maybe you can guess what kind of car a ‘henry bull’ is… i don’t know. anyways, i learned how to drive when it was pouring down rain and i was driving on some crazy roads that bob and weave through the mountains and two way highways, all that jive. kind of crazy, but i like to drive at night, or when it’s raining or when things aren’t just normal. i guess when there are less people around, there’s more road for me to cruise! maybe i’m just anti – social in my driving habits…

so yesterday i spent about 1.5 hours driving about oh, 10 – 20 miles tops to my friends house. it was great, i can’t believe how much fun i had. i listened to descriptions of the propositions on the radio. actually though, despite the fact it took so long, i’m glad i went. i had fun hanging out as i always do.

i mean where else can you be offered top quality whiskey by bum’s? you have to buy the stolen goods off of them, did i mention that?

i also got coffee last night. probably shouldn’t have. i am trying not to get sick. yesterday i drank tea all day long and went to bed late… not too smart. this is the wrong time to get sick. i probably need to sleep once in a while, that’s my problem. anyway, back to the coffee shop. it was cool. actually it’s more of a tea place. of course it was pouring down rain. the owner or proprietaire (not sure how to make that feminine) was getting all the tables and chairs inside. i felt bad because it was raining H2O like the drops were cats and dogs. i helped her with a couple but she was going to do it by herself. she loaded them up on her back! i felt like a big wuss for only taking like 2 chairs at a time. she was a real trooper, definitely not the typical american. in fact i’m sure she wasn’t born here!

also, there was a hot scensterette waitress lady. she was cute but probably in her 30’s though. haha. i don’t know why i included that bit but i want to remember someday!

blah blah blah…

so i have to do my fricken chinese class tonight. i’m not too excited about meeting with the teacher. i missed a bunch of stuff while i was gone for a week back home, up north. no, not canada, but more north than south. i really don’t care about the grade in that class, i just want to learn. i need to spend more time on that. i know that i will be spending more time as soon as november rolls around. anywho…

i must be running out of quality material to write.

better end this here. i really want to go home, sleep and then do some chinese. i also need to figure out my storage situation. in the end, it will all work out.

until then, hock puey. (that was a luggey being spit out). no not really. but that’s how i feel 😦



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