2 chicken sandwiches and 4 tacos

are what I ate for lunch today. I feel very lethargic now. Hmmm. Jack in the Box will do that to you. Hazel nut coffee, ah, the wonders of Folgers in your cup. That was breakfast along with a bowl full of soy-sauced cous cous. And to think I’m not normal.

It’s about 1042pm here in the city of good neighbors. I haven’t had any qualms about my neighbors- I assume they are good. I do wish to move though.

Chinese class was a success. I think I learned some new words, words like 妹妹 or 核。 Really they are simple words, but very useful. This is all about going to 中国 and learning 汉语。Hopefully after a year over there, I’ll be able to impress the universities to allow me into their schools. On verra disant les français. Part of this blog is really about testing the internationalism (is that a real word?) of Blogger.

Did I mention that the title of this Blog set is really a chapter in my life for which I would like to paint a picture. No, not a picture of 2 chicken sandwiches and 4 tacos, but of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What exactly does that mean…..?

That’s it for tonight.

I had coffee at 6pm and I highly doubt sleep will come easily.



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